Top 7 Herbal Remedies To Treat An Ear Infection


Ear infection is a very common ailment, especially during the autumn and winter months.

An ear infection can occur when a viral or bacterial infection affects the middle section of the ear. When the inflammation occurs in the ear and fluid builds up in this part of the ear, it can be very painful for the patient.

Thankfully, there are several effective herbal remedies for ear infections that we can use right from our kitchen, in order to treat and calm down an ear infection naturally.

Tee tree oil, basil, apple cider vinegar, and mango leaf juice are some of the herbal remedies that help to treat an ear infection both quickly and effectively.

Read the article below to learn about the top seven herbal remedies to treat an ear infection naturally, as well as the causes, signs, and symptoms that can cause them:


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