Oregano Oil Benefits And Uses


Oregano oil is considered to be the most potent oil in the world and holds the most therapeutic benefits.

Almost all the antibiotics prescribed by most medical doctors have unpleasant side effects, including: destroying good bacteria (probiotics), causing antibiotic resistance, damaging the digestive lining, and reducing vitamin absorption.

Discover various oregano oil benefits and uses in the video below:

Oregano oil benefits are considered to be superior to prescription antibiotics that have several horrendous side effects.

We can use oregano oil as a natural antibiotic, and it helps to treat toenail fungus, Candida, and yeast infections. Also, it can be used to treat sinus infections, allergies, bronchitis, croup, ringworm, gingivitis, athlete's foot, and more.

Oregano oil benefits are numerous and unstoppable. However, keep in mind that because oregano oil is so potent, it is advisable to use it under the guidance of your natural health expert.

In most cases, when oregano oil is taken internally, should be used for a maximum of two weeks, and it should be mixed with coconut oil or diluted with water.

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