Tips To Lose Weight - The Top 5 Herbs For A Slim Body


Are you looking for great tips to lose weight?

A natural way to lose weight and have a slim body is by including herbal teas in your everyday diet.

Skip the fad diets and opt for healthier alternatives if you want lasting results.

In the "dieting world", there is a huge difference between those who lose a lot of weight versus those who do not make small lifestyle changes, especially in the way they eat! Besides, more and more studies have shown that when individuals are looking to lose weight and maintain a new body weight, it is imperative to change the general way to look at food.

Furthermore, you must change the way you feel about food and break all the habits that caused you to gain excess weight in the first place.

  • Tips To Lose Weight - Using Herbal Teas

The following herbal tips can help you to lose weight and enjoy a slim body since they detoxify the body, stimulate metabolism, and burn fat.

Note: Don't try all the recipes listed below all at the same time. Decide which recipe you will use depending on the availability and the side effects of the herb.

  • Alpine Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla Alpina)

The leaves of this variety of Lady’s Mantle, known as the Alpine Lady’s Mantle, are excellent in cases of obesity and general weight issues.

The herb grows in northern Europe, southern Greenland, and certain mountainous regions, such as the Alps and the Pyrenees. Dried leaves from this plant may be purchased in any health food store, herb farm, or herbal store.

Infusion: Pour boiling water into a cup with one teaspoon of Alchemilla Alpine. Allow the mixture to sit for 1-2 minutes, strain, then consume very slowly (up to 3 cups a day).

Caution: Generally, Lady’s Mantle should be avoided during pregnancy, as it acts as a stimulant straight to the uterus.

  • Corn Tassel (Zea Mays)

One of the most amazing tips to lose weight is Corn tassels. Corn Tassel tea is a little known, yet very effective and rapid way of dealing with obesity and general weight issues.

When used in an infusion, Corn Tassel tea soothes the urinary passages, detoxifies the body, and acts as a diuretic. It also helps significantly if trying to lose weight and burn fat.

The best time to gather Corn Tassel is right before the corn yellows and the pollen drops from the flowers. Once collected, store the Corn Tassel in a completely dry area, otherwise it will lose it's healing properties.

Infusion: Pour boiling water into a cup with one teaspoon of corn filaments (tassels). Allow this mixture to sit for 3-4 minutes, strain, then drink (up to 2 cups a day).

Caution: Corn Tassel should be avoided by those who are taking Lasix (furosemide) or any other type of prescription used to maintain bodily moisture.

Corn Tassel may cause an allergic reaction to those who exhibit a hypersensitivity to this family of plant.

An overdose of corn filaments can cause hypokalemia, due to the diuretic action. An overdose is also likely to intervene in hypoglycemic, hypertensive, or hyposensitive therapy.

Corn products should also be avoided by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

  • Dandelion (Taraxacum Officinale)

This well-known plant is the perfect diuretic because it contains potassium.

Tips To Lose Weight - Dandelion

The problem with pharmaceutical diuretics is that they excrete potassium from the body, depriving the user of this precious metal (and many others).

Meanwhile, consuming Dandelions provides the body with extra potassium. Considering that Dandelions are one of the best natural potassium sources available, the body is able to maintain this metal at a very high level.

Dandelions also contain other active substances that help to remedy metabolic disturbances and promote weight loss.  

Cold Infusion: Soak a heaping tablespoon of Dandelion roots in a cup of cold water and leave the mixture overnight. The next day, simmer the mixture for 3-4 minutes. Drink half the amount a half-hour before breakfast, and the other half a half-hour after breakfast.

Caution: Dandelions should not be consumed by people that suffer from infections or inflammations of the gallbladder.

Make sure that where your Dandelions were gathered has never been sprayed with herbicides.

  • Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis)

Green Tea is the second most popular beverage consumed in the world and one of the best tips to lose weight. 

Recent studies have shown that Green Tea may be our best ally in the battle against excess weight. This is because Green Tea contains certain polyphenols called “catechins” which speed up the body’s metabolism and promote weight loss.

Furthermore, Green Tea is rich in active ingredients that stimulate the brain’s satiety center, which can help reduce feelings of hunger.

Drinking Green Tea for three months (690 mg/day) will usually lead to weight loss, a drop in waist circumference, a reduction of total body fat, and a change in the body’s distribution of overall fat.

Infusion: Pour boiling water into a cup with one teaspoon Green Tea. Allow this mixture to sit for 3-4 minutes, strain, then drink (up to 4 cups a day).

Caution: For those drinking Green Tea for the first time, there may be some side effects that occur and last for a few days, such as stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea.

Green Tea contains caffeine, so drinking too much can affect sleep and cause anxiety.

Green Tea should be consumed with caution in patients with a medical history of hemolysis or hemostatic disorders.

Green Tea should be avoided by people who take drugs for high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, or diabetes.

Green Tea should also be avoided by pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children.

  • Lemon Bee-Brush (Aloysia Citrodora)

Yet another of the best tips to lose weight is Lemon bee-brush. This is the most famous herb when it comes to slimming and treating obesity, thanks to the enzymes that it contains, which trigger the mechanism in the human body used to burn excess fat.

This herb also helps to detoxify the body, increases the metabolic rate, eliminates excess weight, and regulates the appetite and control of the diuresis.

Lemon Bee-Brush is also the number one herb used to fight cellulite, and is an ideal choice for those who suffer from fluid retention.

Infusion: Pour warm water into a cup with 1-2 tablespoons or 5-6 aloysia leaves. Allow the mixture to sit for 4-5 minutes before straining. Drink a cup of this mixture twenty minutes before each meal.

It is advisable to keep up this program for 1-2 months, taking a 2-week break and resuming, depending on how much weight you wish to lose. Serve warm or cold by adding ice.

Caution: It is recommended that those suffering from hypotension should avoid Lemon Bee-Brush, because it is a diuretic and lowers the blood pressure.

Ingesting large amounts of Lemon Bee-Brush should be avoided by those who have kidney problems.

Lemon Bee-Brush should also be avoided by pregnant women and nursing mothers, as not enough is known yet about its effect.

  • Final Note

It would be absurd, of course, to hope that someone could completely overcome morbid obesity solely by using herbs. In many cases, the advice from a doctor and dietician are essential.

In uncontrolled weight loss circumstances, herbs are usually not enough to achieve the desired result.

It is also necessary to systematically monitor dieting habits as well as to perform physical exercise.

 I wish for you to be always healthy.