How To Get Rid Of Blackheads Using Bedstraw


What exactly are blackheads and how do you get rid of them? Blackheads that appear on the nose and around the face and body skin, correspond to skin pores that have excess sebum.

There are many varied different reasons that our skin shows blackheads, and sometimes we can hardly imagine some of them. For example, it’s hard to believe that the air conditioning is a primary cause of blackheads.

People of any age may have occasional problems with blackheads and pimples, especially on their face, but more often it is a problem that occurs during adolescence.

Black spots usually appear on the face, especially around the nose area. They also occur in the ears or can be found anywhere else on the body.

Which Are The Types of Blackheads

Comedones, as blackheads are called, are an oily or acne-prone skin manifestation that damages the skin tissue. There are two types of comedones on the skin:

- The open comedones, which are the black pimples that are generated when the sebum is oxidized, i.e. when it comes into contact with the atmosphere and thus blackens.

- The close comedones, which are the white spots, are housed from above (in this case the sebum is not oxidized by the environment, and it is not changing color).

What Are The Causes And How To Get Rid Of Blackheads?

There are two main causes of the blackhead skin problem: hormonal changes in the body and an excessive use of cosmetics.

Of course, with regards to hormones, we cannot change a lot of things. However, we can manage significant changes in our skin care when paying attention to the following:

  • Poor facial cleaning

The wrong cosmetics that we arbitrarily choose to pamper our skin. A simple example is when you have oily skin and consume too much fat or moisturizer creams. The result is that you can cause hyper sebum secretion. Oily skin does not need moisturizing cream because it is self-lubricated. In that case, do not use moisturizing cream, but anti-sebum cream. Otherwise, it is like putting butter into the oil.

  • Excessive makeup

Many people who have oily skin, especially women, use make up to cover skin grease. However, makeup in any form (fluid, fond-de-teint, or compact) normally has a talc content of about 70%. So, when we put makeup on our oily skin is like putting plugs on the skin pores.

  • Air Condition

A closed environment combined with an air condition is another reason that can cause blackheads. The sebaceous glands are sending the message that they are dry, and so they over-secrete sebum. When the sebum is hypersecretion, the pores expand the oxidized sebum because it comes into contact with the environment, and black spots are subsequently generated.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads Using Bedstraw (Galium Verum)

The name “Galium” originated from the Greek word, gala, meaning milk.

There are a lot of Galium species such as Galium verum, Galium mollugo, Galium aparine, etc. All of these species have similar medicinal properties and may be used in the same way; however, Bedstraw (Galium verum) has more potent medicinal properties.

Bedstraw has soothing, anti-inflammatory, tonic, astringent, and anti-tumor properties.

Bedstraw for blackheadsBedstraw grows on dry banks, hedgerows, along fences, in woody areas, in forests, near the ocean, and sometimes, in higher altitudes.

It is excellent as a vegetable while its fresh shoots, fresh leaves, and flowers are boiled and eaten like spinach, or can be added to salads and soups.

In modern herbal medicine, Bedstraw is used by therapists to treat urinary tract infections, as it stimulates the lymphatic system.

Furthermore, this plant is thought to reduce the retention of body liquids, and it is used for the flushing of sand and stones in the urinary tract. Its diuretic activity is believed to be essential for the cleaning of the entire urinary tract, meaning it is therefore effective in treating disturbances from inflammations urinary.

Bedstraw is also used as an antioxidant and to purify the blood. By stimulating the lymphatic system, it relieves swollen lymph nodes, and as we know, the lymphatic system is responsible for removing toxins from the body.

That’s why Bedstraw is considered to be one of the best herbs to treat diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, wounds, blackheads, boils, and arthritis; diseases where treatment requires a body detoxifying.

How To Use

Fresh juice: Wash fresh Bedstraw, and when wet, pour into the juicer. Apply the fresh Bedstraw juice directly to the skin area, and leave to dry.

Herb wash: Put two teaspoonful of Bedstraw into a pan. Then, pour ½ liter hot water into the bowl and leave it to sit for 3-4 minutes. Strain mixture, and wash your face with itevery day.

Side Effects and Recommendations

Bedstraw should be avoided by pregnant women and nursing mothers. It should not be consumed by people taking any diuretic drugs.


Final Note

Blackheads can be very annoying and many times they can make you feel embarrassed.

However, we must understand that pushing the pimples is not the best way to get rid of them, and smashing them may cause infection and irritation.

Furthermore, we should not forget that pressing blackheads can leave permanent scarring on your face.


I wish for you to be always healthy.