Exercising? Increase Metabolism Using Top 5 Herbs


Exercising is a way of life and an excellent method to increase metabolism.

The perception that physical exercise helps to maintain health has existed since antiquity. However, its scientific validity has been established in recent decades.

Statistics from research institutes studies document the opinions of cardiologists, epidemiologists and psychiatrists who claim that anyone who regularly exercises has less of having heart disease, cancer and mental illness (e.g., depression).

"A healthy mind is a healthy body."

That ancient Greek saying indicates that, since antiquity, many people have understood the relationship between the physical and spiritual wellness.

  • Our Natural Exercising Allies

Fortunately, there are several allies in our effort to exercise.

There are many herbs that help our body to cope with the physical exercise without side effects to the rest of the body. Herbs give tools to the body to respond more easily in strenuous and difficult exercises.

There’s no need to search for help in drugs since nature generously provides us with everything we need.

  • Pay Attention to Herbs while Taking Them with Drugs

You should be aware that many herbs contain phytochemicals. This can cause harmful side effects if used with other drugs that many athletes consume.

Therefore, you should be careful in using herbs with other medicines to prevent undesired results.

There are herbs with infinite possibilities that can help athletes, but I would refer to the most harmless ones.

Note: Don't try all the recipes listed below all at the same time. Decide which recipe you will use depending on the availability and the side effects of the herb.

  • Sage

It is has been known since ancient times, and its name comes from the Latin verb salvia, which means save (lives).

Benefits - Properties

The ancient Greeks used it as a multi-drug. The Arabs believed that it could cure everything, and Latins considered it to be the sacred plant of immortality.

The French call sage "Greek tea" and use it, like other Europeans, for its medicinal properties. The Chinese call it "Greek sprout" and consider it to be better than tea.

  • It has remarkable antiseptic, cardio-tonic and anticonvulsant properties.
  • It also has very significant anti-diabetic properties. Its action against diabetes has led some to declare that sage is the medicine for all diseases.
  • A very important property is that it helps a lot in activating the metabolism, stimulating the nervous system and blood circulation.

Its properties make it ideal for all athletes, whether they are amateurs or professionals.

Use: Boil four cups of water and pour it into a jug with a handful of sage (about four teaspoons).

Drink a glass of this infusion, in the morning, noon and evening before eating. Besides helping in weight loss, it is aromatic, slightly diuretic and has a pleasant taste. You can drink it for some time without experiencing any side effects.

Caution: It should not be used at all by epileptic people because it contains thujone that triggers seizures. Moreover, it should not be consumed during pregnancy.

  • Aloysia citrodora

The beautiful aloysia is a medicinal flower that takes care of our health in many ways. People use it as a beverage as well as oil since both its flowers and leaves are very beneficial for the human body.

Benefits - Properties

  • It has strong antioxidant properties.
  • It helps detoxify the body and eliminates excess weight.
  • It is very good for digestion and removes indigestion and heartburn.
  • It is a diuretic and is particularly recommended in cases of kidney stones.
  • The hot infusion of aloysia is famous for its aphrodisiac properties.
  • It helps significantly in weight loss and fat burning.
  • It stops diarrhea, bleeding and fights bad breath.
  • It also relieves people from anxiety, insomnia, depression and migraines.
  • It helps tighten skin.
  • Aloysia is the number one herb in fighting cellulite.

The beneficial properties of aloysia help detoxify and eliminate unnecessary fluids in the body, which result in weight loss.

It is one of the most famous herbs in the treatment of obesity. Frequent use helps to increase the metabolic rate, regulate the appetite and control of diuresis. It is also an ideal choice for those who have fluid retention.

Use: Add one cup of warm water into a cup with 1-2 tablespoons of aloysia. Allow it to sit for 4-5 minutes and then filter it through a strainer. Serve warm or cool by adding ice.

You can drink a cup of aloysia, twenty minutes before each meal. It is advisable to keep this program for 1-2 months, take a 2 week break and resume depending on how much more weight you want to lose.

Caution: It is recommended to avoid its use by those suffering from hypotension because it is a diuretic and lowers the blood pressure.

  • Tribulus terrestris (Bullhead)

The Tribulus terrestris is a traditional herb that promotes body rejuvenation and fertility. In China, the Middle East and India they continually use it as a healing herb.

Benefits - Properties

  • It has antidepressant and antihypertensive properties.
  • It is also a digestive and detoxifying aid.
  • It is one of the finest natural aphrodisiacs that has been used for centuries.
  • It helps build muscles and increases the vitality of the body.
  • It is ideal for treating diseases of the urinary tract, such as dysuria.
  • Tribulus can reduce psychosomatic problems caused by menopause.
  • It is used in cases of depression, stress and insomnia.
  • It significantly helps muscles recover after a workout.
  • It regulates blood circulation and cleanses the kidneys of white blood cells.
  • It helps in cases of hypertension.

Thanks to the steroid nature of the herb, it is widely taken by power athletes as a natural anabolic, especially by bodybuilders. They use it in order to build and increase muscle volume as an alternative to steroid medications.

It is so popular with thousands of athletes worldwide because it supports their training by helping in the strength and vitality of the body. In addition, it helps restore the body after a workout.

For many years it has been the great secret of the athletes’ success of Eastern Bloc (central and eastern Europe).

It increases testosterone by up to 50% by drinking it. The increase of testosterone levels helps in slimming because through metabolic activation, large amounts of body fat are burned.

Use: Boil water and pour in a cup with 1-2 teaspoons of tribulus. Allow it to sit for 5-6 minutes, strain it and drink. It can be consumed 1-2 times daily.
Because of the fact that it is completely natural, it has no side effects and can be consumed indefinitely. Nevertheless, it is advisable to stop taking it for a few weeks after a period of 2-3 months.

Caution: The tribulus herb should be avoided during pregnancy and by people with heart problems, stomach ulcers or liver disorders and never without the doctor's consent.

  • Ginseng


Exercising? Use Ginseng

The name Ginseng means "human root" and results from the forked shape of the root that conjures the image of human feet.

Its botanical name "panax" comes from the Greek word "panacea".

The ancient Greeks considered ginseng medicine for all diseases, and it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years.




Benefits - Properties

  • It has analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory activity.
  • Ginseng increases oxygen intake in the body.
  • It is a stimulant and has depressant effects on the central nervous system.
  • It has a significant impact on athletic performance.
  • It also relieves fatigue, exhaustion and helps to soothe headaches and with cognitive function.
  • It contributes to muscle recovery after a workout.
  • It is a stress enemy but a friend of physical strength.

Surveys conducted on athletes have demonstrated the positive effect of ginseng in athletic performance and also in mental, motor, cognitive and immune status. Because it is a general tonic against fatigue and weakness, it is especially useful for athletes and active people.

Use: Pour warm but not hot water in a cup with 2-3 grams of chopped ginseng root, or one teaspoon of powdered ginseng or 5-6 ginseng slices. Allow it to sit for 5-6 minutes, strain it and drink.

Caution: Ginseng use should be avoided completely by children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and patients with diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, asthma, schizophrenia, and nervous system disorders.

  • Hibiscus

We all know hibiscus as beautiful ornamental plants with striking flowers. However, their use is not only decorative but also pharmaceutical.

According to Professor Peter Coen of the Medical School of Harvard:

"The chemical elements contained in the hibiscus have the ability to digest carbohydrates."

Scientists have recently discovered that:

  • The flowers contain antioxidants due to their content of vitamin C that helps control cholesterol levels.
  • It breaks down carbohydrates and prevents fat accumulation in the body.
  • It reduces the systolic pressure in those suffering from type 2 diabetes.
  • Its diuretic properties prevent fat storage in the abdominal area.
  • Hibiscus significantly reduces lipid deposits in the arteries.
  • Its flavonoids increase weight loss.
  • It relieves digestive and kidney problems.
  • Hibiscus enhances the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids in the body.

Hibiscus is not very widespread because it is not widely known. For all of these qualities, it is appropriate for athletes and overweight people with constipation problems and increased lipids.

Use: Boil water and pour it in a mug with a teaspoon of dried hibiscus. Allow it to sit for 5-6 minutes, strain it and drink.

Caution: The use of hibiscus should be avoided completely by children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and patients with diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, hypotension and dysfunctions of the nervous system. In some cases, it can cause hallucinations, dizziness and nausea.

  • Final Note

Exercising is essential for our good natural condition.

Warming up, as well as listening to your body is vital. There are many herbs that help athletes, active people and those who are overweight improve their physical condition.

Nevertheless, we need to pay much attention to the advice of our doctor or physiotherapist when using herbs or medications. That is especially important, when you already consume other drugs or isotonic or nutritional supplements.

Herbs can greatly help the body and our performance in sports.

However, if you do not pay the required attention, they may create problems that sometimes may be irreversible.

I wish for you to be always healthy.