"I live with chronic illness so I understand what many people are dealing with. My mission is to empower and educate others on natural and holistic healing and to support their evolution to wellness. This is not an "alternative" way of life. Holistic and natural healing is what makes sense!!"

Wendy Hawkins, LCSW, LSCSW
Owner and Co-founder


"Holistic healing is an interest of mine because of the different approach, the practices and the medicine used in this field has on the healing of the body versus the pharmaceutical and modern medicine approach. It is a more natural approach which I have always appreciated."

Anecia Hargrove


Montana McKenzie is social worker who has shifted his focus to bringing holistic health and spirituality to the streets of Kansas City. He has a passion for alternative treatment modalities for attending to mind, body, and soul.

Montana McKenzie, MSW
Wellness Coordinator


"It’s my passion in life to help people become their best selves through education and holistic care. It is my goal to help educate people about the medicinal purposes of the cannabis plant and help stop the stigma surrounding it."  

Trista Gesler, BSN, RN
Community Outreach