Thank you for stopping by the Wellness Café!! My name is Wendy Hawkins and I’m a licensed social worker and mental health provider. I’d like to share my story, so you know you’re not alone!! Like many others, I don’t have health insurance and haven’t always made positive health decisions or been proactive regarding my wellness. In 2016, my physical health was declining quickly. Weight gain, chronic pain, never-ending fatigue and constant skin irritations. I did some bloodwork and spoke with a naturopath in the area and began my journey to self-healing. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, IBD and systemic candida I was at a loss where to start to begin my journey to wellness. Many of my issues were attributed to chronic stress, anxiety and horrible eating habits. Habits that were formed decades ago had finally caught up to me!! If I didn’t make some positive changes soon, I was headed down a road with a bleak outlook that included prescription medications, reduced quality of life and probably an early death. So, I changed my diet significantly. I don’t eat meat and I very rarely drink alcohol. I utilize yoga and stretching twice a day. I struggle with consistent daily exercise and activity, but I’ve learned to manage my stress in a more positive way and to take care of myself!! The mind-body-spirit connection is real!

We opened our doors in October as a CBD store but because of our passion to support others during their journey we have now transitioned to a Wellness Café that supports health and wellbeing through multiple avenues of treatment. We are a cannabis positive establishment meaning we support your use of cannabis whether THC or CBD to be healthy and well. There’s no stigma or judgement. Our goal at the café is to empower, educate and support the evolution of your journey to health and wellness. The products we offer are very affordable, high quality and many of them are organic. We don’t want a one-time sale from you. We want to establish a friendship and partnership to support you through your journey.

Stay positive and know there are others out here experiencing the pain and frustration of declining health. I hope the Wellness Café becomes a place of information and wisdom for you during your journey! If you have questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you! We can be reached through our email at info@treatmentherbs.com or waldowellnesscafe@gmail.com. Again, thank you so much for taking time to stop in. I hope you find something here that is of use for your journey to health and wellness. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of the latest information within Waldo Wellness Café-Treatment Herbs. Take care and see you soon!


"I live with chronic illness so I understand what many people are dealing with. My mission is to empower and educate others on natural and holistic healing and to support their evolution to wellness. This is not an "alternative" way of life. Holistic and natural healing is what makes sense!!"

Wendy Hawkins, LCSW, LSCSW
Owner and Co-founder


"Holistic healing is an interest of mine because of the different approach, the practices and the medicine used in this field has on the healing of the body versus the pharmaceutical and modern medicine approach. It is a more natural approach which I have always appreciated."

Anecia Hargrove


Montana McKenzie is social worker who has shifted his focus to bringing holistic health and spirituality to the streets of Kansas City. He has a passion for alternative treatment modalities for attending to mind, body, and soul.

Montana McKenzie, MSW
Wellness Coordinator